New Orleans Calling: Allen Toussaint, hosted by George Ingmire

A two-part radio documentary on the music of Allen Toussaint hosted by George Ingmire. Part one features interviews with Allen Toussaint. Part two features interviews with the late Sarah Dash, Leo Nocentelli, George Porter, Irma Thomas, and Dr. Ike.

This documentary originally aired on WWOZ in New Orleans and was produced by Dave Ankers and George Ingmire.

Champion Jack Dupree

A two-part radio documentary (with breaks each half-hour) about Champion Jack Dupree, a New Orleans piano player with quite a story: as an important tie to the boogie woogie piano players of Storyville; a boxer, an expatriate during the Jim Crow south and a man who came home (for a visit) many years later to see a change, more inclusive United States.

Champion Jack Dupree (photo: Dick Waterman)

Champion Jack Dupree: Audio Documentary

Produced by George Ingmire and Dave Ankers for WWOZ2016

Champion Jack Dupree: Putting together the Pieces, part 1 of 2
Champion Jack Dupree: Putting together the Pieces, part 2 of 2