Look over there

Jonathan Freilich Presents – The first time I saw Jonathan was back in the early 1990s, at a bar on St. Charles Avenue where, on Tuesdays, you could bring a piece of ginger (or maybe an onion, onions are something to keep on hand for most occasions) and you’d get a complimentary plate of stir fried rice. That’s not why Jonathan was there. He was playing guitar with the New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars. He’s many things in the world and distinctively Jonathan in every one of them. This site will keep you occupied for a while.

Dayna Kurtz – Dayna’s voice. Dayna’s songwriting. Dayna’s wide ranging musical stylings. Some would say I play her music on my ‘New Orleans Music show’ more than pretty much any artist – I’m guilty as charged. Her catalog is vast and worth owning in its totality – including rediscovered songs that may have remained lyrical orphans (Secret Canon – 2 volumes) played across AM radios waves for the lonely cosmos – who knows, maybe aliens are crying in some beverage or waltzing in zero gravity to her music.

WWOZ – A radio station that needs no introduction. I’m on the air most Wednesdays, from 11am to 2pm (CST) – barring flooded streets, paid work, or travel.

Sinking City Records – a local record label putting out great and important music – on vinyl, CD and digital, both current (Charm Taylor, Michot’s Melody Makers, 79rs Gang) and archival/reissues (Danny Barker, Ricky B) – everything in their catalog is worth owning. 

Harry Shearer (Le Show) – If I’m home on a Sunday night, food is being prepared, everyone is quiet and ‘Le Show’ is playing — if you’re a fan of Firesign Theatre or simply want an unfiltered skewering of that week’s news with some commendable song choices, tune ‘your audio device of choice’ into this program.